The Green Door Christmas Special

December 23, 2018

Join us in this 1 off Christmas special where we visit with many well-known Middle-earth friends at Brandy Hall. The recipe for this episode is simple. Two parts make believe, one part silliness and three parts Christmas cheer. We even wrote a Carol for you. Merry Christmas everyone.

Episode 12: Lightly Addicted

November 26, 2018

We are back in Rivendell this week in order to welcome another very special ringbearer into our fellowship. Please find a seat by our fire and pack your pipe because this episode is as twisty and turny as the road to the last Homely House.

In this show, May, Ads and James all agree to agree that Manwë is both terrific and terrible. We look into and assess Bilbo's payment for burglary services rendered. And we take the risk and look into a seeing stone...

Special thanks to Jeff (& Sebastian) LaSala from *Check out his Silmarillion Primer series!!

Intro music: Concerning Hobbits Medley by Nathan Mills @beyondtheguitar on YouTube

Outro music: Rohan Medely by Harry Murrell @HarryMurrell on YouTube

Episode 11: Bear Wallet

October 18, 2018

Thanks for stopping by the hobbit hole again this week for another installment of the The Green Door Podcast. Ads and James make for Weathertop this time and bring something special and exciting with them. They dive into Chapter 7; Of The Silmirals And The Unrest Of The Noldor. As always, they attack the material from a lay perspective and try to have some fun along the way. So please grab your favourite chair, sit back and enjoy.


*Caution, There is some wildlife out and about...

Episode 10. Peace is Boring

September 18, 2018

Welcome to Bag End. Please enjoy the warmth of the 🔥.  


We have published this episode twice in hopes to solve a glitch with iTunes.

Episode 10. Peace is Boring

September 12, 2018

In this the 10th episode of The Green Door Podcast, we tackle chapter 6, Of Fëanor and the Unchaining of Melkor.

May drops by with some of her goodies as we welcome everybody to Bag-End once again for a fireside chat.

Who knew Melkor and Fëanor were so alike? You did? Well then come and join the conversation! Kettle is on the stove....😃 Read the rest of this entry »

Episode 9. Faërie Island

September 4, 2018

Ads and I take a long walk to the edge of the known world for this episode. We do our best to uncover some fun tidbits hidden within the pages of chapter 5: Of Eldamar and the Princes of Eladalië.

Action figures and Amazon series speculation fill up the corners of our sea side conversation. Please leave us your thoughts and any feedback. Happy wandering


Don't forget to check out our friend Matt:


Episode 8. A love Story?

July 8, 2018

After many weeks, episode 8 is finally here. Thanks to everyone for your input, interactions and great attitudes as you waited to this long overdue offering from The Green Door Podcast. We talk about love but it isn't all roses and there is significant discord between the hosts in this one. All in good fun of course. We hope you enjoy it. 


*This episode marks the start of something new and a special  listener will be the first inducted into an exclusive club...


Special thanks to Harry Murrell ( YouTube channel of the same name)

and Nathan Mills ( @Beyondtheguitar) for their amazing music.

Episode 7 Death is a Detour.

May 6, 2018

Welcome Green Door Pod-ies to episode 7. We have gone on a little hike and found an open Glade to Camp amongst the pine trees for this episode. We'd love to have you sit by the bonfire with us and toast some marshmallows, maybe make yourself a s'more or two with a Canadian twist. The elves are awake and that gives us a lot to talk about. 


Apologies for the delay in release. 

N.B. this episode was recorded on April 1st.

Episode 6 Behind The Scenes

April 5, 2018

 After a long layoff The Green Door Podcast is back!! This week we venture outside the borders of the Shire and into Bree to record our show from a Middle Earth landmark. This episode must be a member of the Bolger family as it is packed with content . Not only do we discuss chapter 2, Of Aule and Yavanna, but we also do a little voice acting . Add to that another wonderful Maythology segment  by our own @MayKHella and some great pieces of "Dwarf Mail" and we wound up with a show that is bursting at the seams. 

Thanks as always to;

Nathan Mills @beyondtheguitar Intro: Concerning Hobbits 

Harry Murrell @harry_murrell Outro: Rogan Medley 

Brandon Fiechrer  (YouTube) Skit Theme:Land of the Halflings 

Episode 5s: Pack Men

March 7, 2018

This week we welcome you to Bag End where Ads and James record episode 5 of The Green Door Podcast while May takes some time off in Rivendell. (Though she did leave us with treats before she left)

There are lots of pegs by the door and the fire is lit. Please make yourself comfortable and pour yourself something to sip on as you listen to 2 passionate Tolkien fans discuss "Of The Beginning Of Days "


Please check out MayKHella on YouTube