The Green Door Podcast: All things Tolkien

Episode 12: Lightly Addicted

November 26, 2018

We are back in Rivendell this week in order to welcome another very special ringbearer into our fellowship. Please find a seat by our fire and pack your pipe because this episode is as twisty and turny as the road to the last Homely House.

In this show, May, Ads and James all agree to agree that Manwë is both terrific and terrible. We look into and assess Bilbo's payment for burglary services rendered. And we take the risk and look into a seeing stone...

Special thanks to Jeff (& Sebastian) LaSala from *Check out his Silmarillion Primer series!!

Intro music: Concerning Hobbits Medley by Nathan Mills @beyondtheguitar on YouTube

Outro music: Rohan Medely by Harry Murrell @HarryMurrell on YouTube

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