The Green Door Podcast: All things Tolkien

Episode 6 Behind The Scenes

April 5, 2018

 After a long layoff The Green Door Podcast is back!! This week we venture outside the borders of the Shire and into Bree to record our show from a Middle Earth landmark. This episode must be a member of the Bolger family as it is packed with content . Not only do we discuss chapter 2, Of Aule and Yavanna, but we also do a little voice acting . Add to that another wonderful Maythology segment  by our own @MayKHella and some great pieces of "Dwarf Mail" and we wound up with a show that is bursting at the seams. 

Thanks as always to;

Nathan Mills @beyondtheguitar Intro: Concerning Hobbits 

Harry Murrell @harry_murrell Outro: Rogan Medley 

Brandon Fiechrer  (YouTube) Skit Theme:Land of the Halflings 

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